The annual Sand Sculpting Festival on Revere Beach has been the subject of my explorations, and the project continues to expand, year by year. From the figures emerging out of the form filled with 10 tons of sand, through the intense process toward the finished work which is subsequently left to the elements (weather and vandals, whichever comes first), there is a gold mine of learning, even though it's only dust, or perhaps precisely because of that. It is an open ended project, inspiring numerous ways of interpretation, for example "The fist stone thrown", as seen above.

Castles in the sand

Haunted Dollhouse

Another ongoing project...

Check for updates (not too soon)

​Picasso series

The contrast between the  stark cruelty of lines scratched on metal and the softness of light diffused by the aluminum foil used for this experimental work created a tension of unique emotional quality. Unpredictable and extremely difficult to control, the process was sufficiently challenging to explore.